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The Sex Doll is Your Friend

Take her out with you

Take her out with you.

You can take your doll on dates, go to dinner, watch a movie, go to the bar, get drinks at a club, go to concerts and sporting events—the possibilities are endless! The more you spend time with your doll the more she will become like an actual person in your life.

Give her a personality

To help your doll feel like a real person, you can give her a personality. A personality consists of the following things:

  • A name (she’ll like it if you give her one)
  • A backstory (where she came from and how she became an artificial human)
  • A job (if any)
  • Family members

Now that we have all these things down, let’s make this sex doll come alive and feel real by adding some hobbies and interests! We’re going to need another list for this part: * Favorite color(s) * Favorite animal(s)/pets, if any

Make her feel loved in other ways too

  • Love her with your hands
  • Love her with your mouth
  • Love her with your eyes
  • Love her with your heart
  • Love her with your soul

A doll is fun to have

It’s a good idea to remember that a doll is not a substitute for a real woman, and that she can be more than just a sex toy. A doll can make an excellent companion or friend, especially if you’re lonely or unhappy with your life. She’ll listen to all your problems, no matter how mundane they may seem in the grand scheme of things. And if you have any desire to talk about them, she won’t judge you for being so vulnerable and open with her!

I hope you enjoyed this article and will be able to share it with your friends. There’s nothing wrong with having fun, and there’s nothing wrong with doing it with a doll!