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The Story of a Sex Doll Repair Technician

Many doll enthusiasts own more than one sex doll, but what happens if a TPE sex doll gets damaged? Especially for higher-end products, simply replacing them is not always an option. That’s where sex doll repair technicians come in. Slade Fiero, a former professional sex doll repair technician, shares his experiences of working with countless damaged dolls throughout his career. He explains the common causes of damage and the importance of proper maintenance to ensure longevity.

The Challenges of Repairing Sex Dolls:

Slade Fiero reveals that improper storage can cause long-term damage, such as indentations in the body, which may become irreparable over time. Additionally, joints, including the armpits, crotch, knees, and elbows, are the most vulnerable areas prone to damage. Repairing sex dolls, however, is not always as simple as using glue or replacing damaged parts, as Slade Fiero points out.

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Unusual Repairs and Difficult Clients:

Slade Fiero recalls encountering instances where silicone sex doll were damaged beyond repair, leading him to refuse further repairs. He mentions an incident involving an aggressive client who intentionally tore off the left leg of a doll. Such encounters made him uncomfortable, as he felt the clients’ behavior indicated potential violent tendencies. Unfortunately, he has also witnessed cases of mistreatment and improper care of sex dolls, reflecting the lack of proper maintenance by some owners.

From Curiosity to Profession:

Slade Fiero’s journey into the world of sex doll repairs began with an intriguing experience. Before becoming a repair technician, he purchased a second-hand cheap sex doll from eBay to explore the intricacies of owning a lifelike figure. He subsequently reached out to doll manufacturers to acquire the necessary tools and embarked on his path as a repair technician. With his background in anatomy, having previously worked with a doctor, Slade Fiero’s repairs often resulted in highly realistic restorations.

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The Repair Process and Internet Fame:

Slade Fiero started by observing doll production processes at factories, enabling him to make initial repairs. He documented his first repair experience, fixing a doll with a damaged head, and uploaded a video to his website, which gained significant attention online. The positive response motivated him to consider turning his passion into a professional career. His unique craftsmanship and online presence allowed him to sell fully repaired dolls on eBay, providing him with a substantial income.

The Weighty Challenge and Limited Market:

Slade Fiero acknowledges that high-end sex dolls can be as heavy as a person. Therefore, transporting dolls to his repair studio required the use of wheelchairs or carts. He also recalls being invited to design the first-ever doll for a particular company, an opportunity he greatly appreciated. However, he acknowledges that his services have a limited market, catering to specific individuals who understand and appreciate the value of doll repairs.

Beyond Doll Repairs:

Considering his profession, Slade Fiero admits that he has never encountered any romantic challenges. He humorously suggests that his house filled with sex dolls makes him more popular among women. However, after over a decade as a sex doll repair technician, he does not believe that dolls or robots are the ideal companions. He asserts that nothing can replace the warmth and connection of human relationships.

The story of Slade Fiero provides insights into the world of sex doll repairs and restoration. From encountering unusual repairs to navigating challenging client interactions, his journey reveals the intricacies and demands of his profession. As a repair technician, Slade Fiero brings artistry and craftsmanship to the repair process, ensuring that damaged dolls regain their lifelike appearance. While his work caters to a specific market, it highlights the importance of proper maintenance and care to maximize the longevity of these intimate companions.