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Things You Have to Know About 100cm Sex Doll

Decide on the type of love doll you want. We recommend a 100cm sex doll. Both weight and size are good for most people.
Once you have decided where to buy your love doll, the next thing you need to worry about is the type of love doll. Just as humans come in all sizes, shapes, and personalities, love dolls also come in all sizes, shapes, and characteristics.

It depends on the size of the doll.
First of all, of course, love dolls come in a variety of sizes. They have different sizes of eyes, noses, heads, breasts, and hips.

When choosing a love doll, you should first choose the height of the doll. There are many different types of love dolls, ranging from those as tall as elementary school students to taller types.
The taller the doll is, the heavier it is. A sex doll over 150cm will weigh about 30kg, so you will have to be very confident in your arm strength to move it. Also, you need to think about the storage space.

Next is the body shape. There are slender models of the same height, and there are also chubby models. The size of the breasts should also be chosen according to your preference, whether it is a full-breasted type, a love doll, or a breastless type.

Skin Tone
There are many different types of love dolls with different skin colors. You can choose from white-skinned love dolls to wheat-colored love dolls, or even love dolls of different races.
In addition to skin color, there are also many choices for hair color, eye color, and even nipple color, so you can choose one by one.
All of them will be fine if you choose according to your personal preference.

It all depends on the purpose.
There are many options for the use of love dolls. For example, there are two types of the vagina: the one that is integrated and the one that is detachable. For example, there are two types of vagina dolls: one type is not removable, while the other type can be removed and washed. The detachable type is easier to clean for people who use their sexual functions frequently.

You can also add a heating function and a standing function as paid options. The heating function can reproduce the warmth of human skin, allowing you to change the body temperature of your love doll.

The standing function is useful when photographing your love doll, and allows it to stand on its own without needing to be leaned against somewhere.

Pay attention to the weight of your love doll
As I said before, the higher the life-sized love doll, the heavier it is. In addition to the height, it also has to do with the material. Silicone love dolls are even heavier than TPE love dolls. Weight is also an important thing to consider when looking to buy.

Some of the heaviest love dolls weigh over 40 kg. If you want a BBW sex doll that is about the same height as a real woman of about 160 cm, you should first consider whether you can carry her in your arms at 40 kg.

I don’t recommend life-size love dolls for beginners. Sure, the face and body are more realistic and beautiful, but you may hurt your back when lifting it. Needless to say, it’s impossible to use.

If this is your first purchase, a love doll under 125cm is recommended. The maximum weight is about 20kg, which is still a manageable weight if you work hard.