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TPE Mini Sex Doll Is Toxic?

Many people have doubts about if the TPE mini sex doll Is Toxic?
The quality of the physical doll is good or bad, whether it is toxic, is the most concerning part. The current material of the physical doll, generally silicone and TPE-based. These two materials of the doll, if the class alone, certainly silicone more high-grade.

The characteristics of silicone is dry to the touch, the surface has a skin-like soft touch. The surface is never oily, not sticky. And there is no unpleasant smell. But silicone material is expensive, the current market platinum silicone, a ton of at least more than 30,000 yuan.

In contrast, the price of TPE material is much cheaper, the current market for the production of physical cheap sex doll TPE, a ton of prices in the 13,000 to 15,000 or so. In fact, in the cost of TPE entity dolls, the material cost is only part of the cost, in addition to the processing, costs account for a significant proportion.

About the toxicity and smell of the TPE entity doll.

Recently in the entity doll posting bar see some comments about TPE dolls, said TPE dolls have some problems. In fact, these problems exist. The author specifies the following.

  1. about TPE entity doll toxicity

Entity doll TPE, the main components of SEBS, white oil (or paraffin oil), in addition to adding some smooth additives, flavors, etc. These components, SEBS for styrene polymer elastomer, is considered non-toxic, can provide the relevant SGS report; white oil is generally some saturated straight-chain or cyclic chain hydrocarbons, is non-toxic; smooth additives, generally choose inorganic substances, is non-toxic, and finally, the flavor, if you use natural flavors, is certainly non-toxic, but the cost is higher. With artificial flavor, it can be said that does not contain toxic substances prohibited by law. But these flavors, long-term exposure, there is no potential health hazards, who do not dare to play 100% guarantee. It is recommended that when buying a TPE material entity 100cm sex doll, it is best to use a lighter scent of the doll.

  1. TPE entity doll odor

TPE doll smell, mainly from the fragrance and the white oil component inside. Some poor quality chemical synthetic flavor, the smell will be thicker and more pungent; in addition, low-end white oil, the heavy distillate inside often exceeds the standard, there will be an unpleasant smell of diesel, it is recommended to buy a higher grade TPE dolls.

  1. The surface feel of the physical doll

The core component of TPE SEBS has good oil-filling properties, but different SEBS grades have different oil-filling multipliers and oil-locking characteristics. Of course, this is also partly related to the oil. The low-end TPE doll surface is easy to oil, sticky and uncomfortable to the touch. Better quality TPE dolls will not have these problems.

Overall, (platinum) silicone entity doll grade above the TPE dolls. TPE dolls inside also have different grades, poor quality TPE entity doll smell, the surface will even appear oily sticky situation. It is recommended that according to their own economic conditions, the choice of the right doll.