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Unable to extricate oneself? The Mystery of Falling in Love with Sex Dolls

Unable to extricate oneself? The Mystery of Falling in Love with Sex DollsD14069 21

Perhaps it’s the difficulty in finding an emotional outlet or the profound sense of loss that makes it hard to break free, but many people choose lifelike sex dolls as their way to combat loneliness—dressing them up meticulously, applying makeup, and taking photos, as if they were real, sharing moments of life with them.

In the movie “Lars and the Real Girl,” the male protagonist, Lars, lives with his reclusive parents for an extended period, leading to a change in his personality. He becomes afraid of interacting with real humans, even touching their skin triggers intense anxiety. Consequently, Lars purchases a silicone sex doll named Bianca, whom he sees as his girlfriend. Not only does he successfully deceive himself, but he also convinces those around him to believe that Bianca is a real person. Additionally, in the British TV series “Black Mirror,” the female protagonist, unable to cope with the sudden loss of her lover in a car accident, customizes a “stand-in” sex doll with thinking abilities and eloquence through a virtual website.

Such stories are not uncommon in novels, movies, or TV shows. One of the main reasons for this is to explore how people in modern society cope with pain and alleviate loneliness through “replication.” From another perspective, the development of the internet has made it much easier to establish virtual relationships, ironically making real human interaction more complicated. People fear rejection, hesitate to make commitments, and even when their opinions differ from others, they don’t know how to bridge the gap through communication. Therefore, an entity doll that doesn’t speak but can be perfectly compliant seems to be the perfect solace.

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From showcasing fashion to easing loneliness

In the early 1990s, sculptor Matt began designing humanoid dolls. Initially, he wanted to provide these dolls to fashion stores to showcase clothing and boost sales. Later on, in addition to fashion stores, he started receiving orders for custom models based on a “real human appearance.” Today, over two decades later, the sex doll company Abyss Creation in California, USA, receives around four hundred orders for custom models each year, becoming a significant source of income.

With the proliferation of the internet, sex doll hideaway forums have quickly gained prominence in the virtual world. For example, on the DollForum, you can share experiences of using dolls with tens of thousands of users, free from the critical gaze of public opinion, freely sharing and uploading photos of sex dolls in their domestic lives. Even abandoned and old sex dolls can be freely traded online.

Although many buyers purchase clothing or cosmetics for their dolls, fewer than 10% of them consider the dolls as “family” and take meticulous care of them in their daily lives, constantly changing their poses and positions. These people not only treat the dolls as friends but also respect their relationships with each other, as if these cold bodies also have unique personalities. At the same time, they are concerned about how society views their relationship with sex dolls and strive to avoid publicly displaying intimate details with the dolls in public, as it could hinder their chances of meeting a real-life partner.

In general, creating a sex doll requires at least 10 hours of work, while making a full silicone doll takes even longer. The makers must meticulously craft every detail, including body shape, facial features, eyes, and hair color. The complex manufacturing process results in high prices for sex dolls, ranging from thousands to tens of thousands of dollars. The motivations for owning physical dolls vary; some use them for sexual fantasies, while others use sex dolls for artistic creation and photography props.

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Expressing desires through photography

Overall, these dolls represent a concrete embodiment of human inner desires, especially when photographers capture these dolls. Their hairstyles and clothing must be flawless to meet the photographers’ demands. They enjoy opportunities to showcase their dolls, whether it’s private gatherings with other doll owners or uploading photos of doll life scenes online.

In the photographic series “MEN & DOLLS” by Danish photographer Benita Marcussen, she connected with sex doll enthusiasts through online forums and persuaded them to be photographed with their dolls. These individuals all have their own stories—some are married with children, some have ended long marriages, and some struggle to overcome the pain of widowhood. For them, these dolls provide a form of emotional fulfillment. Perhaps they will continue their habits with physical dolls until they find a significant other.

Don’t be lonely anymore, options are available in China too

Loneliness is not just a localized phenomenon; it is a universal condition for humanity.Nowday, there are indeed TPE sex doll companies that offer a variety of purchasing options. Just search online, and you’ll find a plethora of suppliers catering to enthusiasts, whether they desire Eastern or Western faces, special body pillows, photo collections, or even second-hand doll auctions—all have dedicated places to provide exclusive services for enthusiasts.