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Ways to Maintain A Sex Doll

A 100cm sex doll as a family member
Some men who live alone may feel uneasy about not having anyone at home when they come home. Buying a love doll can help eliminate this anxiety. By having a love doll in your home, you can have the peace of mind that someone is waiting for you. The reassurance of knowing that someone is waiting for you will give you peace of mind. Even for men who are not good at building relationships with women, a love doll will always give them a sense of security.

Decide on factors such as preference and intuition.
For example, if the sex doll you want to have sex with is a cute or loli type girl, you can choose the doll based on your taste.
For example, if your sex object is a love doll of a cute or loli type, you can choose one based on your preference.
In other cases, you may have a gut feeling that you want this love doll, and choose it based on that pattern.
Of course, it is not just for sex. There are also cases where a person decides to buy a love doll based on the visual quality of the doll.
If you are looking for art, you will want a finely crafted love doll.
Different people have different tastes, and the point of choosing a love doll will also differ.


How to maintain the doll after purchase

Love dolls are not cheap. Since you’ve gone to the trouble of buying a love doll, you want to be with it for a long time. If you take care of your love doll after you buy it and how you use it, it will be something you can stay with for a long time. Not only do you have to take care of the maintenance and cleaning, but you also have to pay attention to how you store them in order to keep them in good condition. In order to keep your love doll clean, you must not only take care of its maintenance and cleaning but also how you store it.

Cleaning your love doll after use

It is important to clean your TPE sex doll after use, as body fluids on the doll’s skin can cause damage. After you have finished playing with your love doll, wipe off all the dirt as soon as possible. Wash the love doll’s skin lightly with lukewarm water and soap, and remove the wig. Keep the head and hair separate and wash the hair with diluted shampoo. Air dry your hair with a hair dryer and gently drain your skin with a towel. Do not use a blow dryer too often, as it may damage the hair.

Lovedoll Maintenance

When living with a love doll, it is essential to take measures against bleeding, which causes oil to float to the surface of the skin, and against the skin sticking to each other when the joints are bent. If left untreated, bleeding can cause cracking and wear due to skin damage. Baby powder is essential to prevent these problems, so be sure to have some on hand. After bathing or cleaning, the skin is more likely to bleed, so apply baby powder after it has drained. Gently and frequently applying baby powder to the entire skin will help your love doll last longer.

BBW sex doll
Curly Hair Bronze Skin Sex Doll

Wear light-colored clothes.

When storing sex doll torso, it is recommended to keep them naked. If you leave them for a long time wearing dark clothes, the color of the clothes may be transferred to their bodies. If you don’t want your doll to be naked, make sure she wears white or other light-colored clothes.
Some people may think of Dutch wives when they think of female dolls. However, the level of love dolls has improved dramatically compared to those of the past. These dolls are made to look as if a woman is really there in front of you, so why not buy one to enjoy a new sex life?

Storage of love dolls

Storing a love doll with bent joints or wrinkled skin can cause damage to the doll. If you store your love doll in the same position as when you bought it, like laying it down, it will last longer because there will be less stress on the joints. If you have a large storage space, it is also recommended to let them sit on a bead cushion. By storing your love doll in a way that does not put too much strain on it, you will be able to enjoy your life with it for a long time.