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We Need to Take Care of Our Sex Doll

Love dolls are still a medium to high-end consumption, which means that when they break, everyone will take care of them. We all need to take care of our love dolls, both emotionally and in terms of value.

Used properly and maintained justly, the lifespan of a Lolita sex doll is definitely not short. However, if you do not care, small details may break your love doll.

Cleaning problem

Don’t believe lightly in other people’s immature processing methods. For example, alcohol will corrode your sex doll. For a normal cleanse, use clean water and add shower gel.

To deal with dirty stuff that doesn’t work, use olive oil or another oil, pour it on a cotton pad, and wipe it off. Except for extensive and severe stains, bleaching creams can be used, but are not recommended for other situations.

Wig care.

Lolita love dolls’ bodies that need care, and wigs also need care. If it is tricky, wigs can be tied and washed once every two months.

When washing the wig, rub it lightly. If you want to keep your wig better, you can use conditioner. After washing, add water and conditioner, stir well, soak for 30 minutes, take it out and let it dry naturally.

Garment Dyeing Problems.

You can wash your love doll before dressing it, greatly reducing the chance of dyeing your love doll. Next, feed talcum powder to your Lolita Lovedoll.

Talcum powder is a normal maintenance item, but if the manufacturer can’t solve the problem of oil production and texture, using more powder can cause unexpected surprises.

BBW sex doll

Don’t be afraid to stain; use an oil-based cosmetic solution to absorb the light-colored dye. For serious cases, purchase a color paste and apply it for 24 hours. However, due to its corrosive nature, this is usually not recommended.

Vaginal cleaning problems

There is a vaginal cleaner included in the kit, and in fact, it can be used both orally and anally. Use the vaginal cleaner if you see the same is true for the absorbent pen, which absorbs the water and sprays the water.

However, if there is any water left, let the loli love doll sit and the water will come out naturally. Alternatively, you can take a hairdryer.

Makeup remover problem

You can use both olive oil and makeup remover. However, don’t wash your eyebrows too easily because really few people can keep drawing them on and it takes time to send them to the factory.