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What Are Tiny Anime Sex Dolls Called

It depends on the features. If it is a full-sized sex doll, half body, or without arms, do they have legs? then you will know what to call it.

As for the full-size body, you can call it a tiny full-sized anime sex doll. Tiny is just a description, anime decides its style, it is not a general sex doll. It inspires by Anime.

Some of them have their name, sometimes, it comes from brands, they have their own designer, so they will make it more human, like give them a human name. sometimes, it comes from anime art. Maybe a paint, or tv series.

Here are some for your reference.

2022 hot tiny anime sex dolls

#1 New Anime Sex Doll -Dollhouse168 80cm

This new anime sex doll comes with a bikini, which makes it more kawaii. If you watched a lot of Japanese anime work, you will see there are lots of scenes of pools. 80cm is a great height for most customers.

#2 Manga Character Sex Doll -Dollhouse168 100cm

This one has the most innocent look. Looking at her eyes, you will want to take her home. You can put exquisite clothes on her. Like weekly outfit. The eyes’ color and wigs can be changed as you like.

Why should I choose a small animated sex doll?
There are many reasons to want a small anime sex doll over a life-size anime sex doll. Let’s look at some of these reasons

Price – Everything about a small product is cheaper than a large one. The cost of materials is lower, the time it takes to make them is shorter, and transportation costs are lower. Many small, high-quality dolls cost between $500 and $1000, while full-size dolls cost between $1500 and $3000. This is a big difference and can be a deciding factor in whether you can afford to buy one or not.
Weight – A small 80 cm (2ft 7.5in) animated sex doll weighs about 6 kg. (13.2 lbs) and can be easily moved and placed in different positions. The life-size version measures 155 cm. (5’1″), and the full-size version weighs 32 kg. (This is a big difference that makes it difficult to move, for example, if you want to give him a bath before having sex. Or just moving it from where you store it to your bed.
Difficulty storing – This is another problem with large models, but they are difficult to store and take up a lot of space. There are hangers specifically designed to store them, but they are not as easy to use as small hentai sex dolls.
There are many types of sex dolls and many mini-dolls to choose from. You can read our ultimate guide to sex dolls here.

I want an even smaller animated sex doll, what are my options?
There are a few even smaller versions of Japanese anime sex dolls, or you can choose a manga sex doll in torso version. But if you are not a fan of a torso, we still have some options for you. check the following.

63CM Lovely A-Cup Mini Sex Doll

This doll can be displayed on your desk and also can have sex. The best choice you can get for a anime mini doll.

Clothes you can buy at Amazon, it is easy to clean and store. you can hold her to sleep. When she is warm by your sheet, it feels more like a real girl.

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