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What do Women want For A Cheap Sex Doll?

What do Women want For A cheap sex doll? People may wonder. Here is one example. COCO (pseudonym, Yummy user) said that as a lesbian, she bought the girl.

“She has a good body, big breasts, soft, can pose, but also on her, play grinding tofu. In addition to xoxo, every day will be used to cuddle together to watch movies and make leg pillows. The bad thing is that there is nobody heat because it will use lubricating fluid, not very good cleaning.” Now she got off, so the doll’s sister replaced the brand new parts, and then gave the doll to a friend.

What do women really want?

However, women today still have very limited choices. In the sea of silicone dolls, there are usually only two or three male dolls. When Brian Gill set up his e-commerce platform Silicon Wives, he didn’t even know that male dolls existed. As the name of the platform suggests, he focuses entirely on the female doll market serving men, with a wide range of products, many of which are made in the United States, China, and Japan. Most of these dolls are haute couture and can even be sold separately for some special parts, such as an airplane cup shaped like a woman’s ankle.
On the “Silicon Wives” website, you can find a variety of beautiful dolls from different manufacturers, including “big-ass BBW sex doll,” “Japanese long-legged dolls,” “Fat-ass dolls” and “Ivanka: Russian Sexy Girl”. Doll makers like Sinthetics and RealDoll tend to make more fantastic looking female figures, so they focus less on specific character types and more on developing a range of different types of faces and bodies, or they can use “thin waist, fat ass, big breasts, a pretty face” as a design criterion to push the envelope according to personal preference. ” as the design criteria to push the new. These dolls, which look like real women, are also popular with a large number of male customers. We seek to China’s data, there was a domestic simulation doll of the company’s sales director said the company’s website forum has more than 220,000 members, of which the ratio of men to women is 65:35. buy dolls of consumers, men more than 90%, 22 to 55-year-old men are the most important group of people to buy. So, what about the market for female-oriented male dolls? Currently shows that the sales of these male dolls to be much worse compared to female dolls, selling only a little each month.

Matt McMullen, the founder of Realbotix, said he only sells roughly 40 male dolls a year – about 10 percent of the overall business. Neither the scruff on the doll’s well-defined cheeks, the life-size model’s inverted dingus (both circumcised and uncircumcised), nor the handsome photos of him smoking a cigarette or playing the guitar have made these male dolls hot. This has left doll designers, salespeople, and manufacturers pondering the answer to the question: What do straight women want?

Jill, the head of Silicon Wives, has received feedback from customers complaining that the dolls are not “manly” enough (because they started out with short female hair). Other female customers complained about the size of the dingus – some felt it was too big, others felt it was too small.

As for the height of the male dolls, they are usually around one meter seven and a half. Not all customers find them tall enough, but adding height to the dolls is a challenge because they are already very heavy about forty kilos. It seems that female customers who buy male dolls are more difficult to please than men who buy female dolls, which is exactly what Vice’s video emphasizes, that women prefer customized and personal dolls.

Why is it so difficult to promote erotic dolls among women?

One mainstream dualistic explanation is that men are more sexually horny than women, they are visual creatures, they are used to ** and conquering rough apricot love …… while women prefer to be caressed gently – but for silicone products, this operation is difficult. The implication of this statement is clear: men are the hunters and women are the prey. Men are obsessed with “manipulating” objects: dolls, for example, an apple pie from “American Pie” – while women need emotional connection.

But this view also ignores the fact that 1) many women can have sex even when they’re not in a dimly lit, rose petal-strewn bedspread, and 2) many men also like to cuddle, not just have sex – even if it’s not with a live, flesh-and-blood human being.

“If we accept a patriarchal interpretation that men’s only preference for women is sexual value, then the apricot love doll is a good substitute,” says Shelley Ronan, a sociologist at Haverford College. “But I think that’s a little over the top.”

The reason women are less likely to buy a mini sex doll may not have much to do with sexual preference, Ronan says. “Women make less money than men, and these dolls are very expensive,” she says. Also, “under the pressure of social norms, women may be ashamed to admit to wanting to own these, and don’t consume pornographic content as often as men do.” To put it bluntly, women don’t have enough space to enjoy their bodies, let alone sex dolls. And what Yummy is trying to say is that more and more women are realizing that the purpose of sex is not just procreation, that sexual release does not necessarily need to equate to developing a relationship, and that perhaps, as women explore themselves, they too will become more and more clear about what they really want.