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What factors affect the cost of realistic adult dolls and accessories?

There are many benefits to real adult silicone dolls. How do you figure out how much money you can spend on a new doll? What factors affect doll prices?

Material: There are many types of real love dolls. This type of doll is made from old cloths and past clothes. It was popularized during the invention of sex toys in the 17th century. Latex dolls and inflatable plastic dolls were also eliminated later. Today, silicone resin and TPE are the main materials used to make realistic adult love dolls. These materials solve the fundamental problem of sensitive skin. Even more amazing is the fact that these materials are so close to real skin. Very delicate and soft. The metal skeleton is often included in high-quality, lifelike love dolls. This is so that it’s easier for people to move around and achieve simple human movements that better suit your sexual desires.

Size: A sexy doll’s size is often close to that of a real person, although not all people have the same height and body shape. The doll’s copy of the human body must calculate the cost of raw material according to its actual size. Different sizes will therefore have different prices.

Brand: Quality is important for everyone, and dolls that are the same do not have to be identical. Because they create high-profile brands, well-known brands have a strong reputation. WM DOLL, for example, is a well-known supplier of sex doll torsos and can be trusted to supply high quality products. Different brands have different manufacturing processes, which will impact the price of real sex dolls.

Many accessories and functional options: We offer many options for doll products. The accessories include hairstyles, hair color, and skin tones. There are two types of functional options: fixed and removable vaginas, implantable pubic hair, standing or non-standing functions and fixed shoulders.