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What Happens to a Sex Doll If You Don’t Take Care of It?

If not properly maintained, sex dolls can deteriorate in condition and quality very quickly due to the materials and intricacy involved in their design.

As with any expensive product containing mechanical, electronic and synthetic components, high-end torso sex toy require consistent care and maintenance to maximize their lifespan and keep them in as lifelike a state as possible. Without regular cleaning, storage, and occasional repair, dolls can experience damage and wear that progresses rapidly.

Buildup of bacteria, mold and stains

If not cleaned after each use and regularly sanitized, TPE sex doll provide an ideal environment for the growth of mold, mildew, and harmful bacteria that can produce foul odors, skin irritation and even infection. Stains from bodily fluids and clothing dyes will also set in and become difficult to remove over time without prompt attention.

Internal damage from improper positioning and storage

Sex dolls contain articulated metal skeletons that allow natural movement and positioning. However, if left in extreme positions without adjustment or kept in conditions that put extra stress on joints like standing unsupported for long periods, these metal skeletons will weaken, fracture and eventually break down. Limbs, heads and digits may become loose or detach entirely without warning.

Wear and tear deteriorating realism

High-end sex dolls are made from materials carefully chosen to feel as lifelike as possible, but all materials are subject to gradual wear with use and exposure. Over time, skin softness fades, hair fibers become unraveled, seams weaken and tear, and finer details of features like fingers or genitals can fade dramatically without maintenance. This damage impacts both the appearance and sensory experience of intimacy with the doll.

Costly professional repairs for neglect

While regular at-home care for a sex doll is simple and inexpensive, professional cleaning, sanitization, and repairs required after major deterioration or damage from neglect can cost $500-$1500 or even more to restore a doll to original condition. Some types of damage like large tears, deep staining, or metal skeleton breakage may not be fully repairable, leaving the doll in an unlifelike state.

For most cheap love dolls owners, following basic maintenance guidelines to keep their artificial companion as flawless and hygienic as the day it arrived becomes an act of care, respect and protection of their investment. However, for a small minority unwilling or unable to properly care for such an intricate life-sized product after the initial thrill fades, deterioration is rapid and merciless. With neglect, the most luxurious sex doll will swiftly lose any semblance of humanity it once displayed.