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What If Someone Made a Sex Doll in Your Likeness?

The idea of a sex doll being created in the likeness of a real person without their consent is unsettling to many. This has become an issue in recent years with the rise of highly customized and realistic sex dolls. Some companies offer dolls that can be designed to resemble a specific person based on photos. For women especially, discovering that an ex-partner or stranger has designed a sex doll to look just like you can be extremely disturbing and violate a sense of privacy and consent.

There have been several cases of women speaking out after learning that realistic TPE sex doll were being designed and sold with their likeness. A Chinese actress found that a doll resembling her was being promoted by a company. An American model discovered that an ex-boyfriend had designed a sex doll to look just like her, copying even small details like moles and tattoos. In contrast, there are fewer examples of men expressing discomfort in the same way after finding a sex doll modeled after them. This gender difference is likely tied to social norms, as female sexuality and objectification tend to be more strictly policed in many cultures.

Sex Doll
Small-breasted sex doll

While some argue that if a doll is modeled after a celebrity or public figure, their likeness has already been made public and its use cannot be protested. However, modeling a silicone sex dollafter someone’s private life and intimate attributes without consent is unethical. Laws around image rights and likeness consent are still evolving, but protecting individuals’ privacy even after a relationship has ended is important. If sex doll companies wish to create customized dolls resembling real people, they should be obligated to obtain formal consent and permission from that individual first.

Having an uncanny replica of yourself turned into a lifelike sex doll   can feel like a violation of privacy and consent. While the law still protects creative works, companies should establish ethical guidelines and best practices to avoid causing harm or distress. If a sex doll is modeled after someone without their permission, it can do lasting psychological damage and spread the message that consent does not matter in private or intimate spaces. Regulations may be needed to curb this and give people more control over their own likeness.