What is a 100cm Sex Doll as a Sex Partner?

The following press release explains how a 100cm sex doll is surging during the new coronavirus epidemic.

The enthusiasm and curiosity associated with pleasure is endless and everlasting human trait. What is brewing between two people, the so-called passion for love and sex, has lost its distance. Humans love sex! See, there is no exception to this. This is something we are born with.

During the plague epidemic, the inability to resolve one’s sex desires has discouraged both sides. The good news is that love dolls are here to stay. Now this problem has been solved. This love doll is like your partner.

Whether you are single or married, you are having your sex life taken to a higher level. To find the right love doll, contact Tpdoll. This is your one stop store for the best love dolls available.

While the plague is spreading around the world, the sales of love dolls are skyrocketing. These sex dolls are bringing the right amount of stimulation and warmth into your life.

According to statistics, we have received hundreds of inquiries about sex dolls. Orders from single men have increased by 51.6%, and orders from couples have increased by 33.2%.

It’s easy to see. While the virus is spreading, many people are in quarantine, whether they have intimate partners or not. Although it is often misunderstood, it is not surprising that love dolls want to be kept company without other people.

Today, Dutchwives are not only for single men, but couples and disabled people are also buying a flat chested sex doll.

With the desire to “try something new” and “find a way” to get a satisfying experience in bed, it’s no wonder that the sex doll has become one of the most sought-after sex toys in the world. Another thing worth noting is that sex dolls are ordered by both single people and married couples jointly. Most people have a desire to try something new.