What Is Flat Chested Sex Doll?

The flat chested sex doll is a doll with sexual functions and is much more expensive than inflatable dolls because of the common use of medical silicone and TPE materials. Physical dolls almost always have a built-in skeleton and can imitate almost all kinds of body movements of real people. High-end entity dolls also come with voice interaction and can even heat themselves through the power supply. However, the use and maintenance of the entity doll are not the same as the inflatable doll. Here’s what you need to know about solid dolls with me!
The characteristics of the entity doll
1, some fine workmanship of the entity doll in appearance to maintain a similar appearance with the real person, especially in the hair, face, chest, and other aspects of the real difference, to help users find the “dream man”.

2, the user can touch, kiss the entity doll, but also with the teen sex doll “sex life”, it is understood that some entity doll in the private part of a reasonable design, such as improved lubrication, some also set up an electric device, so that users enjoy the physical pleasure.

3, some entity dolls use advanced technology, injected with human elements, but also can not help but make charming screams, so that users enjoy a similar experience with real people.

4, entity doll joints are made of polymer synthetic resin material plus the internal mechanical support, so that it can change position.

5, some of the higher configuration of the entity doll body parts such as breasts or yin channel inside there will be body temperature changes.

Types of physical dolls
Silicone dolls

Advantages: stable material, can do painting, texture performance is delicate, realistic portrayal. Can fully reflect the intention of the creator, accurate restoration of the head sculpture prototype, and absolutely no smell!

Disadvantages: poor softness, generally hard, poor stretching performance, repair costs, high manufacturing costs, which naturally leads to a generally high selling price.

TPE doll

Advantages: strong tensile properties, tensile resistance, which is often described as leather, high softness, low repair costs, low manufacturing costs, very cost-effective.

Disadvantages: not able to do painting, texture, detail display greatly reduced, the visual effect is not strong, lack of simulation. Theoretically easy to deformation, but the actual daily use process with silicone dolls is not significantly different, tpe dolls will have a certain odor, but the current factories also have better handling. Basically, it is close to smell a little material fragrance.

The main points of the purchase of solid dolls

The material of the mini sex doll is relatively elastic platinum silicone, hardness is high, flesh color is white, high surface smoothness, authenticity, fake to be harder, elasticity is poor a section, flesh color is darker, the surface has a kind of slight stickiness, feel not smooth, not real, as the apparatus is the apparatus, there is no good sense of reality.


Real goods have a faint fragrance, some do not, almost close to tasteless, water goods have a smell, the smell of rubber, some serious can be disgusting.


The licensed goods can be used repeatedly without problems, the water goods with a time or a few times, the base to a time can not be used on the bad.


Genuine goods are generally non-toxic molecular materials, with no negative effects on the person, the material of water goods is generally made of ordinary plastic, the human body will have negative effects, may also produce stronger side effects.


Real goods entity dolls generally have the advantages of environmental protection, efficient and tasteless, high health grade, high transparency after molding, anti-yellowing, non-toxic and tasteless, long service life, physiological inertia, biological aging resistance, etc., while inferior quality entity dolls are not.


Do not buy too cheap entity dolls, or mid-to-high-end entity dolls to use a better effect, senior products have a metal skeleton inside, but also can be placed in a variety of positions to meet the user’s different high demand.