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What Is the Best Size TPE Sex Doll?

TPE sex dolls come in a variety of sizes ranging from small mini dolls to full size human replicas. The best size doll for you depends on your preferences, needs, available space and budget. Here are some factors to consider when choosing a TPE Doll size:

Mini Dolls (50-100cm)

Mini sex dolls are very compact, lightweight and discreet. They are ideal if you have limited space or want to keep your doll hidden. However, their small stature means limited realism and flexibility. Mini dolls may not satisfy those seeking an authentic human-size partner.

Medium Dolls (100-140cm)

Medium dolls strike a balance between realism and practicality. They are more flexible and proportional than mini dolls but still easy to maneuver and store. For many, a doll in the 120-140cm range with nice curves and a light frame (15-25kg) is an optimal compromise. They allow reasonably realistic intimate interactions without commitment to
a full size doll.

Full Size Dolls (145cm and above)

Full size dolls over 145cm height are designed to mimic actual human females. They enable a very realistic experience with natural body proportions, posture and balance during intimacies. However, their large size requires more space and can be difficult to handle alone. They are best for those wanting a “real” relationship experience with a doll or enjoy photography and modeling hobbies.

Heavy vs Light Frame

The internal skeleton and amount of silicone used can make a big difference in a doll’s handling and feel. Heavier framed dolls tend to feel more solid and lifelike but harder to manipulate, while cheap sex dolls are more posable but less substantial. For intimate purposes, a medium weight doll (15-25kg) often works well for most. But in the end, choose a size and frame you can commit to comfortably.

Think about how you intend to use your TPE doll and choose a size that meets both your physical and practical needs. While bigger is not always better, a doll that is too small may fail to satisfy on a realistic level. But start with a size that fits your space and handling abilities, and you can work your way up as interest grows. With proper care, a high-quality TPE doll can provide you lasting company for many years to come.