What price sex doll is more suitable for you~

Sex Doll
Like all commodities, the price range of sex dolls is different. Sex dolls can be roughly divided into three areas

1: Cheap sex doll  under $800

2: $800 – $1500

3: Above $1500

I first state that price cannot explain the quality of sex dolls, nor can it deny sex dolls because of the price. They are all works of artisans. Only the target user group is different

1:The difference between sex dolls less than $800 and other sex dolls.

         These sex dolls are usually smaller than other real sex dolls, and their height and weight are much smaller, so they are relatively cheap.

However, cheap sex dolls also have many benefits

        For example: 1: Easy to store, you can easily hide the sex doll in the room, office or manhole.

                     2: The weight and size of the sex doll is easy to carry, allowing you to explore different locations and different parts of the house.

Real Doll
$800-$1500 Sex Doll

This sex doll is already very realistic, but the height is still a little shorter, you can use three holes: mouth, vagina, anus.

Above $1500

This kind of sex doll is very much like a real person, there are all kinds of sex dolls.


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