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What Price Sex Doll is More Suitable for You~

Sex Doll
Like all commodities, the price range of sex dolls is different. Sex dolls can be roughly divided into three areas

Cheap sex doll  under $800

 $800 – $1500

3: Above $1500

I first state that price cannot explain the quality of sex dolls, nor can it deny sex dolls because of the price. They are all works of artisans. Only the target user group is different

Less than $800  sex dolls

         These sex dolls are usually smaller than other real sex dolls, and their height and weight are much smaller, so they are relatively cheap.

However, cheap sex dolls also have many benefits

        For example: 1: Easy to store, you can easily hide the sex doll in the room, office or manhole.

                     2: The weight and size of the sex doll is easy to carry, allowing you to explore different locations and different parts of the house.

Real Doll

$800-$1500 Sex Doll

For $800 to $1500, you have many options for sex dolls.In this price range, you can find many high-quality sex dolls. They are very realistic in appearance and size, made of high-quality materials, and can provide a very good sexual experience.

These dolls are usually highly realistic, with facial features, hair and body curves that are very realistic. They are usually made of thermoelastic materials that feel very real. These mid to high-end sex dolls can be customized according to your preferences. You can choose different hair colors and hairstyles, different eye colors, and different lip styles. You can even choose different breast sizes, hip shapes and heights. This makes these dolls look more real and better meet your aesthetic and sexual interests.

In this price range, the structure of the dolls is also more sturdy and the joints are more flexible. They can take various sexual poses to make the sexual experience more real. Some high-end dolls even have heating functions to make you feel like hugging a real person.

This sex doll is already very realistic, but the height is still a little shorter, you can use three holes: mouth, vagina, anus.

Above $1500

This kind of sex doll is very much like a real person, there are all kinds of sex dolls.

Above $1500, sex dolls are extremely realistic, just like real people. There are all kinds of sex dolls to choose from. 

In this high-end range, the dolls can be customized in great detail. They are made of the highest quality and most expensive materials, and they are almost indistinguishable from real people in appearance. They have highly realistic artificial skin, high-quality synthetic hair, and extremely realistic facial features. Their bodies are also very close to real people, with realistic breasts, buttocks, genitals, etc. These high-end dolls can provide an unprecedented sexual experience. 

In this range, you can find sex dolls in various styles. You can choose dolls of different ethnicities, such as Asian-style, European-style or African-style dolls. You can also choose different heights and body types, from petite figures to tall and burly body types. In addition, there are many well-known sex doll brands to choose from, which are at the forefront of the industry in quality and customization of sex dolls.

In short, in the high-end range above $1500, you can find the most highly customized and realistic sex dolls. If you want to experience a truly realistic sexual relationship, these high-end dolls are undoubtedly the best choice. They are almost indistinguishable from real people and can provide an unprecedented sexual experience. If budget allows, this is a very worthwhile investment. 


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