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What Sex With A Sex Doll Feels Like

hy sex doll

So you think you want to have sex with a sex doll?

If you’ve thought about buying a mini sex doll but haven’t, you’ve probably asked yourself this question a lot.

That’s fair–after all, buying one is sort of liking purchasing a car. They aren’t cheap, they’re an investment, and you wouldn’t want to buy one without giving it a test drive first.

However, unlike cars, you don’t get to sample the merchandise when it comes to love dolls.

Is that uncertainty holding you back from actually buying one?

You can look online all day long and find all kinds of different opinions. And there are many. Some claim it’s as good as the real thing; some say it’s even better, and some have had a less than perfect experience.

So, who should you believe?

Love dolls have several benefits, from boosting your confidence by increasing your stamina, to having a high-tech toy in the bedroom.

They’re cheaper than dating and can help take your mind off of sex while you meet new people.

We want you to be able to partake in those advantages and become a better, more confident lover.

But you’ll always be on the fence until you get the clarification you want about the literal ins and outs of love doll.

Amazing Physical Pleasure
If you’re serious about buying a sex doll, you’ve probably done your research regarding brands, materials, and everything in between.

But if you’re new to this business, you should know that the amount of pleasure you get from having sex with a silicone sex doll correlates directly to how much you spend on her.

There are many things that you can get away with buying for cheap and get everything out of it that you would have for a more expensive counterpart.

Sex dolls, though, are not one of those products.

Sex With A Sex Doll – Akira Laying In Bed
Check out Akira and read her story
However, you are currently living in a time where manufacturing and tech are developing faster than it ever has.

That means that love dolls are becoming more advanced, more detailed, and more lifelike. Additionally, many dolls come with an option for a removable vagina that is interchangeable with ones containing ridges, vibrations, and more for maximum pleasure.

More advanced dolls have heating systems that replicate the warmth of a real vagina. Combine that with a little lube, and you’re on your way to Pleasure City!

But How Does That Really Feel?
It’s obviously going to feel fantastic if you have a realistic sex doll all the bells and whistles.

But what about a standard fuck doll?

We asked A., of Earth Erotiq’s earliest customers about his experience with Elyon. He gave us his opinions, both the pros and the cons.
Fucking The Fuck Doll
Most love doll owners claim that their dolls feel about 90% like having sex with a real woman. The most noticeable thing that’s missing is the emotional connection.

A. said he’s enjoyed having Elyon so far. “The fact that she is a full-sized doll is soft and pretty realistic is a good experience.”

“I can see someone with a lot of sexual impulses find a real solution in this. With lube, it feels 65% like the real thing.”

But if you’re going to do it anyway, you want to get the most satisfaction you can. And silicon or TPE real doll is one of the best ways to do it.

Sex Dolls Are Perfect For Fucking Whenever, However

Tina is the perfect doll to experiment with any kinky craving you have.
One last thing about having sex with sex dolls is versatility.

When you have Japanese sex dolls, you can fuck whenever you want and however you want to do it.

After all, there’s no “No” when it comes to them.

Are you an ass man who can’t get enough anal? A doll-like Melinda is just what you need.

Titty fucking, blowjobs, and endless opportunities to try every position you’ve fantasized about–all with a sex toy that bounces and jiggles like a real woman.

That type of versatility is sure to add to your experience and make it ten times hotter.