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What’s the history of the real love doll?

First historical documents identified Dutch sailors as the original owners of first masturbation dolls made out old rags and sewn clothes. These sex toys were friends with sailors and provided sexual assistance during long journeys. Eventually, they returned home with their partners. The nicknames “Dutch Wife”, and “Mrs. Voyage” are the most memorable of all three. The story goes that in the 16th century, a French philosopher boarded an ailing Swedish ship carrying a sex doll and was eventually torn out by the crew and crazy sailors. Jealous.

This TPE love doll is a model because of its face and shape. C Cup’s generous breasts are eager to be envied and felt. Her long, blond hair is an attractive asset for those who love blondes. She also dresses well. A beautiful slut is available to fulfill all our needs.

Rethinking is often the key to performance problems in bed. You can have control over your thoughts and work at your own pace when you are surrounded by life like sex doll. This allows you to learn about your own state and then love it. You don’t need to worry about what the doll thinks or does. You will be a better lover if you take the time to love yourself. It’s true. You can’t love someone unless you love your self. The same applies to your bedroom. You can only satisfy yourself if you learn how to satisfy others. Practice again to build trust.