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When Sex Dolls Become Life Partners: Extreme Cases of Doll Love

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Most Sex Doll Owners See Them as Toys, But Some View Them as Genuine Companions

While most sex doll owners just treat their dolls as toys, some take it further and view these anime sex doll as real partners. One extreme example is Davecat from Michigan, USA. He “married” a sex doll called Sidore and later purchased another doll called Elena. Both were made by Abyss Creations and cost around $6,000 each.

A Legally Non-Binding But Symbolically Meaningful “Marriage”

While they are not legally married, they have matching wedding rings and plan to hold a ceremony for their 15th anniversary. For Davecat, these lifelike sex doll  are life partners that fulfill his need for companionship and intimacy. Though unconventional, doll love provides him happiness and purpose.

When Does Doll Love Become Problematic?

Some experts argue that doll love can be harmful when it inhibits someone from pursuing human relationships and leads to greater isolation and loneliness. However, for people like Davecat, human relationships are unappealing and dolls are a preferred alternative that causes no harm. As long as doll love is not an escape from underlying psychological issues, proponents argue that it should be accepted as a legitimate relationship choice for some.

The Future of Technological Intimacy: For Better or Worse?

As virtual and robotic partners become more advanced and lifelike, they will likely become mainstream alternatives for human intimacy and relationships. However, many experts argue that human interaction and empathy are irreplaceable. Although technology may enhance relationships, it should not become a substitute for human companionship. The rise of TPE sex doll love and technological intimacy leads to important questions about how we connect with each other in an era of increasing virtual and AI relationships.