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Why are silicone sex dolls so popular in the adult sex market?

Do not have a sexual partner for a long period of time

In the group of people who took part in our survey, a lot of people are sex dolls since they do not have girlfriends or wives. They are not able to have sexual partners for a long period of time as well as their desires for sexual pleasure can’t be fulfilled. So, they must purchase a few sex items to express their feelings. Dirty fantasyis one of them. Among all the sexual products available they choose a more realistic silicone doll. On the other hand, since the love doll made of silicone has the form of a human body. Physical dolls are similar to the weight of a real human and give them the sensation of sexual intimacy. Reality however is also able to accompany them throughout their lives to alleviate their inner solitude.

Middle-aged single male

In the modern cities, there are increasing numbers of single men and women are becoming single, particularly the various otakus and single Aristocrats! Since there isn’t a girlfriend, there is an extremely high demand for the body, since the amount of consumption is excessive and will only make you forget the cost. However, when the demands of the body are not met and prolonged, it can cause a variety of physiological ailments! In this case many men choose to go to a nightclub to feel happy, but we are aware that the pleasure of a nightclub is that it will never let men know that the music isn’t enough, or that the cost is too expensive, which is why many single men become increasingly disengaged.

With the constant sublimation and change in urban living standards increasing numbers of silicone sex dolls are adored and adored by single ladies. We are aware that real dolls are better than the quality of the earlier inflatable dolls and are more authentic size and weight and the feel is better. So, we must acknowledge that, with the present global increase in consumption increasing numbers of sexually explicit dolls have to enhance and improve quality of their products, and silicone dolls are one of them.