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Why Choose Sex Doll Torso

Sex dolls include full-sized sex dolls and sex doll torsos.
Many people complain that full-sized dolls are too heavy and not very convenient to store. After all, the size is secured and the storage space cannot be less at all. Well, silicone torso sex dolls are the perfect dolls to meet the needs of this part of the customer. For this reason, we have created a sex doll torso collection to facilitate customer shopping.
This collection is all sex doll torso, As for gender, we have male sex doll torso, female sex dolls torso and shemale sex doll torso. As for the body structure, we have big breast sex doll torso and big butt sex doll torso.
Torso sex dolls evolved from sex toys such as silicone male masturbation. This masturbator is only available in the shape of an ass or a vagina. With the development of market demand and technology, people gradually manufactured them with torsos and heads, making these tools more interesting and ornamental, greatly enhancing people’s sexual desire.
In addition, compared to the full-body sex doll, without weight of the limbs, sex doll torso appears to be more lighter and convenient for customers with less power to use. In terms of materials, it has also kept up with the times by using high quality TPE and silicone materials. If you happen to be looking for a small, light weight sex doll, then hydoll is your best choice, we offer sex doll torso at a good price. These torso sex dolls have more realistic pussy and vagina, giving you a realistic sex experience and they are not expensive.