Why Do Men Love To Play 100cm Sex Doll?

In fact, 100cm sex doll has grown greater and greater market now. I do not lack the money, half of the doll makeup is curious, half is to help the boss. When this store first opened, it caused a sensation in our entire neighborhood, guests to our store to wash their faces and do nails will ask what Ai Ai Le is really doing. At that time, the store was placed in front of the four dolls only wearing lingerie, a look from afar also thought it was a real person. Some people say that the store is selling lingerie, some say that here is the skin business, and others say it is selling inflatable dolls.

If not for the door hanging a “Do Not Enter” sign, I and a few friends have long wanted to come over to see. It just so happens that the second half of last year their a store shortage of makeup, I deliberately came to ask. Before I went upstairs, the clerk told me to prepare myself mentally, saying that many people were shocked the first time they came.

As a result, when I went up, the lights were not even on the second floor, and five mini sex dolls were sitting in the room like female ghosts. When I went back and told the guests that the dolls here were providing sexual services, they all laughed and thought it was very strange, how could anyone come to play with this? Others said they would rather accept men going out than men playing with dolls.
In fact, we are counted in the front of society, I gave birth to a child at the age of 20, and now the child is 9 years old, and my ex-husband divorced I was raised alone independently. On a friend’s birthday, I gave her a gift of erotic toys.

If a man is curious to play once in a while, I think I can understand. The factory itself and fewer women, many have gone to do service industry, and now women are so realistic, a little worse than the men can not find a girlfriend. Our nail salon is only dimly lit, I and a few friends sitting there to see the store, there are often men who come in and ask if there is a massage and even men who come in and do not leave. Bones poked out of the meat, and guests choose it

Come to our store guests, 70% of the surrounding factory workers, 30% from the Internet to see the white-collar special to try.

White-collar and factory brother is easy to distinguish, dressed more fashionable, walking with their heads up, more open to sex, used dolls less loss is generally white-collar. Factory workers like to wear flip-flops and pants, come in squirming, worried about being ridiculed, used dolls will also be more exaggerated, the most common is to pose as a word horse, a variety of difficult movements, and rubbed into a heap, and even break the doll.
Whether white-collar or worker, 40% of the guests will choose our head doll at first glance. The look is a mature woman type, 165 cm tall, large breasts, full-figured, weighing 120 pounds. In fact, this large doll is very heavy to hold, a pose will take half a day, but this even if played with eyelashes have fallen off, the bones poking out of the flesh, or a guest specified to choose it. Men like freshness, the general flat chested sex doll two or three months to replace the next batch of scrap, this image is too popular with guests, I gave it two changes of the body, with more than 1 year before being laid off.