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Why You Should Use a 100cm Sex Doll

There is nothing special about claiming that you should have a 100cm sex doll. Most people buy them. A love doll can be as expensive as a car. I am not talking about the pneumatic type, but the high-end kind. This only costs about $100.

Since love dolls are easy to hide, more and more people are buying them. They are also watching pornographic movies. All people are watching pornographic movies. In fact, even those who say they don’t like to watch them do.

My roommate at school swears she has never seen a pornographic movie. She goes to worship. She has a girlfriend and says she doesn’t need pornographic movies because she believes in Jesus.

One weekend, this roommate goes home. We had a celebration in the dorm with our friends. All in all, we know Julia very well. We also know her exaggerations. I don’t know how it started, but we started talking about erotic movies.

As a result of our boring argument, we started sneaking around on her computer. Can you guess what I found? Erotic movies. Lots and lots of erotic movies. Shocking, huh?

100cm sex doll

Everyone watches pornographic movies, but I’m telling you, I don’t. The same is true for a sex doll. Most people buy them secretly and lock them up so that others don’t notice them.

The philosophical arguments about love dolls and sex robots are not much different. Like marijuana, alcohol, and weapons, erotic movies have yet to destroy our lifestyle.

Talking love dolls that have artificial intelligence are not destroying our lifestyle. There is nothing stressful about it.

It is not available to many people. Because you can’t hide an aired doll like you can a computer. You can’t delete a love doll the same way you can delete your program history.

But you don’t want to watch pornographic movies with your colleagues, do you? You are not welcome to do so.

Don’t use sex talk as a topic for small talk. It’s embarrassing. Erotic movies are still good because they are hidden under the mat. Real dolls are a no-no. Above all, you may not do it forever. There is no safe place to store them in your house. They take up too much space.

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