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Will the Bolts on Standing Love Dolls’ Feet Damage Floors?

Love dolls have evolved to the point where they can now stand independently, thanks to the innovative addition of bolts in their feet. While this technology itself is fascinating, many people express concerns about potential damage to their floors caused by these bolts. In this blog post, we will explore the impact of standing love dolls on floors and highlight areas of caution.

Standing Feet

The Potential for Dents and Scratches!

In general, floors are susceptible to scratches when it comes to standing TPE sex doll.
Naturally, the severity of any damage will depend on the material of the floor. Hard and scratch-resistant surfaces are less likely to be affected. However, rental properties often have softer floors that can dent easily and show signs of wear and tear.

Even Bathrooms Require Caution

It’s important to note that floors are not the only area that requires careful consideration when it comes to standing love dolls.

Another area of concern is the bathroom, where the bolts on the feet of standing fat sex doll can become potential weapons.

While bathroom and bathtub floors are typically made of materials that resist denting, localized pressure, such as that exerted by the bolts on the feet, could potentially cause cracks or other damage.

Particularly dangerous is the scenario where the love doll is carried into the bathroom for a bath and accidentally dropped. The impact could be quite significant.

By the way, personally, I had an experience where my love doll cracked when I placed her on a shower chair (thankfully not in the bathtub).

When it comes to standing teen sex doll, the potential for damage to floors exists, particularly if the floor is prone to denting or scratching. The severity of the damage will depend on the material of the floor. Additionally, caution must be exercised in the bathroom, as the bolts on the doll’s feet can pose a risk to bathroom floors and fixtures. It is essential to consider the type of flooring in your home and take necessary precautions to prevent any unwanted damage. Always handle love dolls with care, especially when moving them around, to ensure both the doll and your surroundings remain intact.