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WM Dolls also called WMDOLL or WM Doll.

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Players who have come into contact with sex dolls must be familiar with the brand Wm dolls (JinSan)which is a Chinese brand

So let me tell you how WM Dolls developed~

Initially, WMDOLL did not have this name. In China, they are called (JinSan), not the manufacturer of “sex dolls”. JinSan only produced half-length models at the beginning to show half-length models of clothes or underwear, but because JinSan made the model of TPE (TPE material has a high softness and feels similar to human skin), it is very realistic, Therefore, in the process of selling models, customers always ask whether they can add adult functions to the lower body of the model, or leave loopholes in the production, which makes the owner and wife very confused. At this time, the husband and wife knew about adult products, so they could only refuse. However, with the sale of models, more and more people made requests, and then, by accident, the couple ran into an adult products distributor from Guangzhou. He brought them to the adult products circle and asked them to join. Knowing that the couple came into contact with adult products at this time, they planned to use bust models to make adult sex dolls. Unfortunately, due to technical limitations at the time, the products they produced were far from the ideal state of the customer. The company is also at a loss, but the industry is progressing. At this time, the direction of reform is needed. Companies that follow “1; No. 1 human doll” will face new challenges. How to do 1; the first doll? How many customers recognize? How much is it? The front lines are full of unknowns, and the most important aspect of funding will be almost impossible numbers. This is how many people eat at the factory, how many mouths are waiting, and how many eyes are watching. What should we do?

If you step back and continue to do this, when the market reaches a certain degree of saturation, the profit margin will be sharply compressed. If you could eat a bowl of rice before, now there is only one bite of rice left, what should be done?

We believe that how many nights the couple have gone through countless discussions about this. We also believe that they have consulted countless friends and relatives, and the final decision can only be made by the couple. At that time, they didn’t have a capital that they could connect with, and even if they did it, no capital chose to trust them. The savings in their hands and the money borrowed from friends were far from enough for the next step.

“Sell it, so we are just enough.” Liu Jiangxia said this lightly while looking at the real estate certificate in her hand.

        With a huge debt of one million, plus the money from the sale of the real estate certificate, the two began this “journey.” Until the end of 2012, the first full-length TPE doll was born. This has a huge impact on the entire adult products industry, but this has not stopped the two of them. The two have stepped up the overall quality of the doll. Every year, the doll has new improvements, the material becomes soft, and the doll can stand up. Solve the odor problem, improve the production method to perfectly seal off the water-repellent beads in the lower body, the appearance of tpe smart head dolls, etc., these improvements can intuitively reflect the continuous progress of Jin San!